What Causes Dental Erosion?

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The outer layer on your teeth is a slender but durable layer of protection called tooth enamel. As strong as your enamel is, it can be damaged. When it is slowly damaged over time, this is called dental erosion.

The main cause of dental erosion is exposure to acid and plaque. Many foods with a low pH level are highly acidic, such as citrus fruits and sour candies. Sugar can also be been converted to harmful acids within your mouth.

Here are some suggested strategies for fighting dental erosion:
– Harmful acids can be efficiently removed from your mouth after meals with sugarless gum or mouthwash. Both are supplementary techniques for cleaning your teeth.
– After breakfast in the morning and before you go to sleep at night, brushing and flossing are your two best treatment options.
-Limit your intake of substances that have a low pH.
– Saliva is your body’s natural defense against dental erosion, so try to avoid substances or medications that can contribute to dry mouth disorder.
– Dental erosion can make your teeth extra sensitive, which can affect your cleaning techniques. To avoid abrasion against your teeth, especially when they’re extra sensitive, be sure to always use a toothbrush with soft bristles.
– Limit snacking throughout the day. Stick to large meals only.

Whichever of these strategies you choose to incorporate, don’t forget to meet with Dr. Trace M. Lund and our team at Provo Pediatric Dentistry for an oral health cleaning and exam every six months]. at our dentist office in Provo, Utah. To schedule an appointment, please call 801-373-4200.