A Few Ways to Avoid Cavities

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As you probably know, the holiday season typically spans from Halloween to New Years. Typically, this season is a time of fun and family. Similarly, during this season, you’ll probably find yourself surrounded by more sweets than you normally might. As you can probably guess, this means you might be more vulnerable to cavities.

Luckily, if you simply limit the amount of sugar you eat, your teeth should be fine. Naturally, while you won’t be eating the foods you usually would, you don’t have to worry too much—especially if you’re careful. Similarly, while you can enjoy the occasional sweet, please remember to eat healthy foods, since some foods can help you counteract bad bacteria in your mouth.

Of course, you should also remember to keep a toothbrush with you. As you know, brushing for two minutes at a time twice a day and flossing every day can help you prevent tooth decay. However, if you eat something highly acidic, please wait for at least thirty minutes before brushing. Water can also help you avoid cavities—whether you drink it or rinse with it. You see, water can negate the acids in your mouth and carry bad bacteria or food particles from your mouth.

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