Becoming the Tooth Fairy for Your Child

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Is it time for you to become the Tooth Fairy? Are you trying to find ways to keep this tradition fun and new for your child? As you embark on this exciting, challenging and enjoyable adventure in your life, the only limitations on what you do are the lengths of your creativity.

The myth of the Tooth Fairy is believed to have started in the United States during the early 20th century. Traditionally, when a child loses a tooth, they place it under their pillow and the fairy leaves money in its place. The amount has increased over the years and varies from state to state. Fairies may even decide to pay more for teeth that don’t have cavities, or they might leave your child notes of encouragement under their pillows!

Some parents enjoy making Tooth Fairy pillows with their child. There are many different ideas from ones that hang from your child’s bedpost or door knob to pillows your child draws their own picture on.

To make certain you’re never caught unprepared, you may want to put together a Tooth Fairy Kit. In this kit you can put the essentials: small bills, stationary (if your fairy writes notes), any stickers or prizes, etc. This way if your child suddenly loses a tooth, you can always be ready to go.

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