Care and Cleaning Tips for your New Custom Mouth Guard

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The National Youth Sports Safety Foundation estimates that nearly three million teeth are knocked out or damaged in people under the age of 18 every year. One of the primary causes of these injuries includes contact sports and other athletic activities. In many instances this could have been prevented if the young athlete was wearing a custom mouth guard.

Your new custom fitted mouth guard represents a serious investment in protecting your mouth from damage while also reducing the chance of concussion and certain types of brain injury. Regular care and cleaning helps to maintain the ideal fit and extend the life of the unit.

When you are done practicing or playing a game you need to rinse the mouth guard in lukewarm water to remove any bacteria. You can also refresh the mouth guard by brushing it with nonabrasive toothpaste. Try not to use an abrasive toothpaste as this can scuff and dull the thermoplastic material.

When you are not wearing it you should keep the mouth guard you should keep in the case provided. Store it in a cool, dry place that is out of the sun.

It’s not uncommon for a little natural wear and tear to occur, especially in contact sports. Watch for any trouble spots. If something major happens, you should contact your dentist for advice.

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