Dental Sealants for Your Child’s Teeth

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At Provo Pediatric Dentistry, we are dedicated to making sure that your child has a healthy, bright smile that will last them for a lifetime. Of course, the best way you can help make sure that your child’s teeth will remain in great shape is to ensure that they brush at least twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste, and floss before going to bed. Another key component is to bring your child in for their regular cleanings and checkups.

When you child visits our office, talk with the dentist and our staff about dental sealants. Our back teeth are designed for the task of chewing our food so that we can swallow and digest it. To do that job, those back teeth, called molars and premolars are equipped with fissures and ridges that make grinding up food possible. Unfortunately, those fissures and ridges provide the perfect hiding places for bacteria and plaque that can lead to gum disease and tooth decay.

Dental sealants are thin layers of plastic applied to the back teeth, that add a layer of protection to the enamel. The tooth is cleaned, rinsed and dried. Then it is treated with an acidic solution to help the sealant bond to the tooth. The solution is washed off and then the sealant is applied. A dental sealant will not replace brushing and flossing, since the sealant is only applied to the chewing surfaces of the teeth.

Dental sealants work best when they are applied as soon as your child’s permanent molars and premolars erupt. That is also the time when kids are most prone to cavities. However, if an older child, or an adult has back teeth that are in good shape, or is at high risk for cavities, dental sealants may be a good option.

If you are interested in dental sealants for your child, contact Provo Pediatric Dentistry in Provo, Utah by calling 801-373-4200. We look forward to scheduling an appointment with Dr. Trace M. Lund for your child soon!