Good Oral Health Habits in Adulthood Start with a Consistent Oral Hygiene Routine in Childhood

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As your child grows up, their primary teeth are gradually replaced by the permanent teeth that will need to serve them for the rest of their lives. Instilling good oral hygiene habits when they are little will go a long way toward consistency in adult life. This can start at a very early age.

In fact, you can start brushing their teeth as soon as the first two bottom teeth emerge from the gums. As they age, you can let them play at the act of brushing. There are child size toothbrushes and child-safe toothpaste sold in stores to help keep them encouraged. Just be sure to look for the approved by the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance to make sure you’re providing them with the highest products possible.

Once they’re done playing at brushing, you can provide a little follow-up brushing to make sure their teeth have been thoroughly cleaned.

You will then need to floss their teeth each evening. Yet, flossing a small child’s mouth can be a bit of a challenge for your adult-size hands. It might help to spool the dental floss around your pinky fingers or try using a small floss stick. As their manual dexterity improves you can let them use the floss stick. Waxed dental floss makes flossing easier as the waxy coating allows the strand to slip between teeth, decreasing the chances that they’ll force it in place.

Their regular dental exam at Provo Pediatric Dentistry’s Provo, Utah practice is also important to maintaining the health of your child’s mouth. This is a good opportunity to get them excited about going to the dentist, so try to make it an upbeat experience for them.

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