How to Keep Your Child From Sucking Their Thumb

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Did you know that the thumbsucking habit can easily destroy your child’s smile? Well, it’s true! Thumbsucking can harm your child’s smile by altering the growth of the mouth and the alignment of teeth, and our Provo Pediatric Dentistry team asks that you do all you can do keep your child from the habit. To help you do so, we recommend doing the following things:

· Praise your child when they decide not to suck on their thumb. This will help them feel accomplished and successful.
· Try to correct the cause of the anxiety that is making your child suck their thumb. Do your best to comfort your child and give them a feeling of safety and protection.
· Talk to your child and come up with a plan of stopping the habit. To make things exciting, you can come up with a reward if your child goes a certain amount of time without sucking on their thumb.
· Have your dentist encourage them to stop the habit by explaining why it’s important to quit. If your child hears of the ways it can destroy their smile, they might stop.
· Bandage their thumb at night to keep them from sucking on it.
· Talk to your dentist or family doctor about a bitter medication to put over the thumb. If you coat the thumb with this medicine, your child will not enjoy the taste and will likely stop.

If you would like to know more about how to help your child quit their thumbsucking habit, call Provo Pediatric Dentistry today and talk to our caring dental team! We are here to help you in any possible way, and we encourage you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Trace M. Lund so we can assist you in person. All you need to do is call 801-373-4200!