Keeping Your Children’s Teeth Cavity-Free

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If you are teaching your children good cleaning habits early on in their development you will be helping their teeth stand a greater chance of life-long health by building a strong foundation for oral health. Regular brushing and flossing is the cornerstone of such a practice.

Dental sealants are a valuable next-step in the caring of healthy teeth. Sealants are a plastic coating brushed onto those teeth used most during chewing–the molars in the back of the mouth. Molars are typically difficult for toothbrush bristles to reach, because they are tucked away in the back of the mouth. Dental sealants prevent food particles from getting stuck in those hard to reach areas in the first place.

The dentist will paint the sealant onto the outside of the tooth, covering any pits and fissures–those grooves in the top of the tooth structure—and the material hardens onto the chewing surfaces. This will protect the tooth from plaque forming acids in the mouth. Once the sealant hardens and bonds to the tooth it can last for years with proper care before needing a new coating.

The application of the sealant is painless and quick and can be done in one visit. First, your child’s teeth will be cleaned and dried, and the sealant is painted onto the teeth. A special curing light may be used to help the sealant harden properly.

Once the sealant is hardened your child is good to go! Our friendly staff at Provo Pediatric Dental is happy to help you determine whether sealants are a good choice for the next step in your children’s dental health regimen.