Pulling Your Child’s Tooth: When to Do It

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You probably understand that losing a tooth is an event your children might eventually go through. In fact, most children lose their first tooth when they are six years old. However, do you ever wonder if you need to pull your child’s tooth out?
Our dentist usually recommends letting your little one’s teeth fall out naturally whenever you can. Once a baby tooth is loose, please teach your child to wiggle their tooth back and forth. However, please remember to tell your child to treat their tooth delicately.

However, it’s important that you pull their loose tooth at the correct time. For instance, you may want to try pulling the tooth if it’s extremely loose or is even dangling in their mouth. Still, be aware that you shouldn’t pull your kid’s tooth if touching it is painful. Also, you shouldn’t try to pull your child’s tooth if it isn’t loose.

If you want to pull your kid’s tooth, please do so with a twisting motion. You also need to grab the tooth with a piece of gauze or a clean cloth. Still, if you have any concerns about your child’s loose tooth, please visit our team.

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