The Facts of Oral Hygiene: Teething

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Teething is a natural a process as having teeth themselves is. Teeth tend to break the surface of the gums at a certain age, typically beginning around 6 months of age. However, the process can often be painful and cause discomfort in children, particularly infants. This process is known as teething.

Some common techniques to help treat teething includes toys and products designed to help soothe their gums, such as teething rings. Other methods you can use include gauze pads and cold spoons that can be employed to rub along their gums. You can also use your finger, but make sure your hands are always sanitized. If you child is under two, avoid using any medicated products such as teething tablets, unless under the guidance of your child’s pediatrician.

When your child’s first tooth appears, look for signs of teething by constantly monitoring their mouth. If they are feeling any discomfort they may frequently reach for things to put in their mouth, cry more often, be extra irritable, show signs of fussiness, and drool more than usual. If your child begins to show severe symptoms including signs of diarrhea, rashes around their body, and signs of fever, consult their pediatrician.

To prevent severe teething symptoms, make sure you are following the proper treatment techniques for a healthy smile that can last a lifetime. If you would like Dr. Trace M. Lund and our team at Provo Pediatric Dentistry to bring your child in for an oral exam or professional cleaning, please contact our pediatric office in Provo, Utah, by calling us at 801-373-4200. We look forward to keeping your child’s oral health in pristine condition.