What You Should Know About Your Children’s Oral Health

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Your children’s teeth are very important to their overall development—but do you know what you can do to help you keep your little ones’ teeth healthy? Your children’s foundation for healthy permanent teeth starts within the first few years of their life. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help your kids enjoy healthy smiles for a lifetime.

Your children’s baby teeth, which are also referred to as primary teeth, are actually very important to their adult teeth. You see, if primary teeth are lost prematurely, your children’s other teeth could also shift, which could cause problems when their adult teeth start to erupt. Conversely, if you help your kids care for their teeth well while they’re young, they’ll probably care for their teeth better as they age.

Sadly, many dentists have noticed signs of increased sugar consumption in children. You should consider limiting the amount of sugar your little ones have in their diet. We also recommend visiting our dentist once every six months. This appointment affords our team the opportunity to inspect the state of your children’s teeth.

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