Whitening Your Child’s Teeth

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Everyone likes having a bright, vibrant smile, and that includes children. Kids, particularly teens and preteens, are prone to feeling judged about their personal appearance. Having dull or yellow teeth is often seen as a sign of substandard personal hygiene, when in reality many sources of discoloration are not your child’s fault. Teeth whitening treatments from Provo Pediatric Dentistry are safe for use in children and can help their self-esteem and self-image.

While teeth can be stained from food and drink, discoloration can be caused by other things, including medication and conditions like fluorosis. Some kids find they have discoloration after removal of braces. Tooth color is also influenced by genetics: some people’s teeth are naturally whiter or yellower. But teeth whitening treatments can be effective on all kinds of teeth stains and discoloration.

There is no shortage of over-the-counter whitening products that purport miraculous and easy results. While these can be effective, results vary and can be unreliable. And many may not be suitable for children. For safer, more consistent results, we recommend that you avail yourself of our professional teeth whitening treatments at Provo Pediatric Dentistry. We offer careful treatment in our comfortable facilities. Consult with Drs. Trace M. Lund to determine which treatment is best for your child.

If your child has stained or discolored teeth, whitening treatment can help him or her feel confident and assured. To learn more about our whitening treatments or to schedule an appointment in our Provo, UT, office, please call us at 801-373-4200 today.