Your Child’s Trauma Prevention: Mouth Guards

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Mouth guard therapy is one of the most important aspects of caring for your smile, as it can add an additional layer of protection for your teeth and gums. Typically, mouth guards are crafted for your dental profile so that your mouth can continue to function safely and effectively for many years. If you should feel that your mouth is ever at an increased risk for dental damage, speak with your dentist to talk about your mouth guard options.

Visit your dentist for a customized mouth guard that is designed to fit your exact dental impression. Other common options include boil-and-bite mouth guards or stock mouth guards. However, stock mouth guards are not crafted for your individual dental profile.

In situations where you are routinely at risk for dental damage, mouth guards can help lower your risk for oral accidents and injuries. Make sure to always keep your mouth guards clean by soaking them in cool, soapy water. If you should have any issues with your mouth guards, visit your dentist for repairs or a replacement. Furthermore, never leave your mouth guards out anywhere were further damage can occur, including due to inadvertent grabbing due to a sibling or family pet.

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